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Trends from SDB's sample ml against,SDB's sample ml against
$ ROI Margin wins losses % link
1581 36.5 -1.1 7 25 21.9 The Flames are 7-25 AGAINST since Jan 13, 2016 as a home dog.
819 25.2 -0.8 6 17 26.1 The Flames are 6-17 AGAINST since Feb 27, 2020 as a dog.
742 20.4 -0.7 11 19 36.7 The Flames are 11-19 AGAINST since Aug 13, 2020 on the road.
623 44.5 -0.9 5 9 35.7 The Flames are 5-9 AGAINST since Jan 14, 2021 as a road favorite.

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How To Use the Trends Page:
Use the Pythonic Query Language to explore a database of trends. The full PyQL format is: parameters @ conditions. More typical use just specifies the condition and takes a default output.

To see all trends with an average margin of at least 2 use the PyQL condition: margin > 2.

To see all perfect trends use the PyQL: wins * losses = 0
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