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sum(inning runs [: 3]) = 10
date team o:team
20040522 Marlins Diamondbacks
20040608 White Sox Phillies
20040724 Indians Royals
20040806 Yankees Blue Jays
20040903 Giants Diamondbacks
20040910 Orioles Yankees
20040911 White Sox Angels
20050506 Dodgers Reds
20050617 Indians Diamondbacks
20050621 Reds Cardinals
20050825 Indians Rays
20050913 Yankees Rays
20060509 Twins Rangers
20060510 Mets Phillies
20060516 Rangers Yankees
20060517 Padres Diamondbacks
20060616 White Sox Reds
20060621 White Sox Cardinals
20060723 Blue Jays Yankees
20060724 Brewers Pirates
20060809 Astros Pirates
20060819 Dodgers Giants
20060823 Royals Indians
20060830 Mets Rockies
20060923 Tigers Royals
20070410 Rangers Rays
20070524 Rays Mariners
20070620 Blue Jays Dodgers
20070703 Royals Mariners
20070819 Mariners White Sox
20070907 Reds Brewers
20070909 Mariners Tigers
20071020 Red Sox Indians
20080416 Cubs Reds
20080426 Dodgers Rockies
20080506 Rangers Mariners
20080813 Mets Nationals
20080913 Twins Orioles
20080926 Rangers Angels
20090413 Rays Yankees
20090512 Athletics Royals
20090828 Diamondbacks Astros
20090902 Athletics Royals
20091003 Red Sox Indians
20100418 Brewers Nationals
20100420 Rockies Nationals
20100622 Mets Tigers
20100709 Red Sox Blue Jays
20100720 Pirates Brewers
20100825 Braves Rockies
20100922 Brewers Reds
20110428 Diamondbacks Cubs
20110702 Giants Tigers
20120427 Cardinals Brewers
20120622 Cardinals Royals
20120714 Blue Jays Indians
20120716 Twins Orioles
20120725 Athletics Blue Jays
20120806 Twins Indians
20130412 Mets Twins
20130415 Cardinals Pirates
20130515 Blue Jays Giants
20130809 Rockies Pirates
20140528 Diamondbacks Padres
20150511 Nationals Diamondbacks
20150523 Rangers Yankees
20150527 Indians Rangers
20150617 Cubs Indians
20150626 Brewers Twins
20150707 Angels Rockies
20150812 Blue Jays Athletics
20150815 Red Sox Mariners
20150903 Nationals Braves
20150911 Diamondbacks Dodgers
20160504 Nationals Royals
20160531 Mariners Padres
20160807 Orioles White Sox
20160902 Mariners Angels
20170424 Cubs Pirates
20170506 Reds Giants
20170602 Tigers White Sox
20170622 Astros Athletics
20170709 Pirates Cubs
20170714 Astros Twins
20170820 Twins Diamondbacks
20170902 Twins Royals
20170929 Indians White Sox
20180428 Yankees Angels
20180502 Indians Rangers
20180508 Royals Orioles
20180613 Astros Athletics
20180629 Rangers White Sox
20180826 Cardinals Rockies
20180912 Athletics Orioles
20180928 Twins White Sox
20190416 Phillies Mets
20190420 Twins Orioles
20190510 Mets Marlins
20190518 Twins Mariners
20190531 Rockies Blue Jays
20190623 Mariners Orioles
20190715 Red Sox Blue Jays
20190729 Reds Pirates
20190814 Phillies Cubs
20190826 Athletics Royals
20190828 Cubs Mets
20190913 Cubs Pirates
20200810 Phillies Braves
20200814 Astros Mariners
20200830 Braves Phillies
20200913 Royals Pirates
20200914 Orioles Braves
20210404 Orioles Red Sox
20210410 Blue Jays Angels
20210415 Diamondbacks Nationals
20210423 Cubs Brewers
20210504 Giants Rockies
20210520 Giants Reds
20210523 Dodgers Giants
20210719 Nationals Marlins

Game Parameters: at bats, attendance, biggest lead, d2020, date, day, division, double header, double plays, earned runs, errors, game number, hit batters, hit by pitchers, hits, inning runs, innings led, innings tied, league, left on base, line, location, losses, margin, matchup losses, matchup wins, month, opponents, ou margin, ou streak, over, pitchers used, playoffs, profit, rest, run line, run line runs, run line streak, runs, scored first, season, series game, series games, site, site streak, start time, starter, starter losses, starter matchup losses, starter matchup wins, starter rest, starter throws, starter wins, streak, strike outs, team, temperature, times tied, total, umpires, under, walks, wins.

Pitcher Parameters: batters faced, earned runs, era, fly balls, ground balls, hit batters, hits allowed, home runs allowed, innings pitched, name, order, pitches, result, runs allowed, strike outs thrown, strikes, walks allowed

Batter Parameters: at bats, average, batting order, doubles, hit by pitchers, hits, home runs, left on base, name, position, rbi, runs, sacrifice flies, strike outs, triples, walks

How to Query:

The syntax for access to the MLB team database is: game reference:parameter. To see the date, team, and opponent where the team scored 12 runs after scoring 11 runs in the previous game use the SDQL: date,team,o:team@runs=12 and p:runs=11

The syntax for access to the MLB batters and pitchers databases is: team:player name:game reference:parameter. To see the date, team, opponent and number of hits by Arron Hill in the game after Arron Hill got 4 hits use the SDQL: date,team,o:team,Blue Jays:Aaron Hill:hits@Blue Jays:Aaron Hill:p:hits=4

The SDQL strives to be flexible in isolating batters and pitchers and all these formats for setting Arron Hill's previous hits to 4 are acceptable: Aaron Hill:p:hits=4, AaHi:p:hits=4, and AHill:p:hits=4
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