peer-to-peer sports data with the SDQL API
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Settings API

The settings API has two parts: POST requests are used to manage your data sharing and GET requests are used simply to check your settings.

Post requests are made to and require headers of: user and token.

The data dictionary can have any fields and more controls are coming. Two important fields for data sharing are 'follow' and 'invite'. These both take a list of user names as arguments. The default value for both is ["*"], and this means invite everyone and follow everyone. For this shared server everyone's 'invite' setting is ["*"]. The default value of 'follow' is ["*"] and that means to follow everyone.

For `Joe` to only see their own data, they would make the API call:

header: { "token": "Joe_Token",
          "user": "Joe"}
data: {"follow": ["Joe"]}

Data fields are seached hierarchically based on 'follow' settings. For `Joe` to first check their own data and to use `Alice` for any missing games or fields, they would make the API call:

header: { "token": "Joe_Token",
          "user": "Joe"}
data: {"follow": ["Joe","Alice"]}          eyeball communications llc