API access to sports data with the SDQL

NCAAFB Sports Data Query Language Access.


GimmeTheDog Games Parameters:
_t, ap rank, ats margin, ats streak, away site streak, coach, completions, conference, data date, data time, dataset, date, day, division, dpa, dps, fcs rank, first downs, fourth downs attempted, fourth downs made, full name, fumbles, fumbles lost, game number, game type, home site streak, id, interceptions, kicking extra points, line, line 365, line 365 odds, line ave, line ave odds, line br, line br odds, line ce, line ce odds, line ci, line ci odds, line date, line dk, line dk odds, line fd, line fd odds, line lv, line lv odds, line mgm, line mgm odds, line mir, line mir odds, line pb, line pb odds, line sb, line sb odds, line sdb, line sh, line sh odds, line sp, line sp odds, line time, line ub, line ub odds, line wh, line wh odds, losses, margin, margin after the first, margin after the third, margin at the half, matchup losses, matchup wins, money line, money line 365, money line ave, money line br, money line ce, money line ci, money line dk, money line fd, money line lv, money line mgm, money line mir, money line pb, money line sb, money line sh, money line sp, money line ub, money line wh, month, net passing yards, open line, open odds, open total, open total odds, opponents, ou margin, ou streak, overtime, passes, passing touchdowns, passing yards, penalties, penalty yards, playoffs, plays, points, quarter scores, rank, rank ap, rank fcs, rest, round, rushes, rushing touchdowns, rushing yards, sack yards, sacks, safeties, school, season, seed, site, site streak, special teams td, start time, streak, streak date, surface, team, temperature, third downs attempted, third downs made, time, time of possession, time zone, total, total 365, total 365 over odds, total 365 under odds, total ave, total ave odds, total ave over odds, total ave under odds, total br, total br over odds, total br under odds, total ce, total ce over odds, total ce under odds, total ci, total ci odds, total dk, total dk odds, total dk over odds, total dk under odds, total fd, total fd odds, total fd over odds, total fd under odds, total lv, total lv odds, total mgm, total mgm odds, total mgm over odds, total mgm under odds, total mir, total mir odds, total over ave odds, total over odds, total pb, total pb odds, total pb over odds, total pb under odds, total sb, total sb odds, total sdb, total sh, total sh odds, total sp, total sp odds, total ub, total ub odds, total under ave odds, total under odds, total wh, total wh odds, total yards, turnover margin, turnovers, two point conversions, week, wind, wins
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