API access to sports data with the SDQL

CFL Sports Data Query Language Access.


GimmeTheDog Games Parameters:
_t, abbreviation, ats margin, ats streak, attendance, average punt yards, city, completions, dataset, date, day, def interceptions, division, dpa, dps, first down, first down yards, first downs, forced fumbles, full name, fumbles, fumbles lost, game number, game type, interceptions, interceptions returned, kickoff return yards, kickoffs returned, line, line sdb, long pass, losses, margin, margin after the first, margin after the third, margin at the half, matchup losses, matchup wins, money line, month, net punt yards, opponents, ou margin, ou streak, overtime, pass knockdowns, passes, passing efficiency, passing first downs, passing touchdowns, passing yards, penalties, penalties yards, penalty first downs, penalty yards, playoffs, points, punt return yards, punt singles, punts, punts returned, punts yard, quarter scores, rest, return yards, rushes, rushing first downs, rushing touchdowns, rushing yards, sacks, season, second down, second down yards, site, site streak, start time, streak, tackles, team, third down, third down yards, time of possession, time zone, total, total sdb, total yards, turnover margin, turnover on downs, turnovers, week, wins, yards after catch
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