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runs = 12 and p:runs = 11
date team o:team
20040526 Yankees Orioles
20040918 Orioles Twins
20050426 Yankees Angels
20060820 Phillies Nationals
20060924 White Sox Mariners
20070601 Indians Tigers
20070619 Padres Orioles
20080503 Dodgers Rockies
20080608 White Sox Twins
20080927 Indians White Sox
20090518 Pirates Nationals
20090626 Angels Diamondbacks
20090710 Dodgers Brewers
20091004 Red Sox Indians
20120728 Twins Indians
20140927 Twins Tigers
20160629 Orioles Padres
20160912 Red Sox Orioles

Game Parameters: at bats, attendance, biggest lead, date, day, division, double header, double plays, earned runs, errors, game number, hits, inning runs, innings led, innings tied, league, left on base, line, location, losses, margin, matchup losses, matchup wins, month, opponents, ou margin, ou streak, over, pitchers used, playoffs, profit, rest, run line, run line runs, run line streak, runs, scored first, season, series game, series games, site, site streak, start time, starter, starter losses, starter matchup losses, starter matchup wins, starter rest, starter throws, starter wins, streak, strike outs, team, team left on base, temperature, times tied, total, umpires, under, walks, wins

Pitcher Parameters: batters faced, earned runs, era, fly balls, ground balls, hits allowed, home runs allowed, innings pitched, name, order, pitches, result, runs allowed, strike outs thrown, strikes, walks allowed

Batter Parameters: at bats, average, doubles, hits, home runs, left on base, name, position, rbi, runs, strike outs, triples, walks

How to Query:

The syntax for access to the MLB team database is: game reference:parameter. To see the date, team, and opponent where the team scored 12 runs after scoring 11 runs in the previous game use the SDQL: date,team,o:team@runs=12 and p:runs=11

The syntax for access to the MLB batters and pitchers databases is: team:player name:game reference:parameter. To see the date, team, opponent and number of hits by Arron Hill in the game after Arron Hill got 4 hits use the SDQL: date,team,o:team,Blue Jays:Aaron Hill:hits@Blue Jays:Aaron Hill:p:hits=4

The SDQL strives to be flexible in isolating batters and pitchers and all these formats for setting Arron Hill's previous hits to 4 are acceptable: Aaron Hill:p:hits=4, AaHi:p:hits=4, and AHill:p:hits=4
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